Research summary

My primary research interests are in the tools that cognitive scientists use, including the conceptual, statistical, and computational tools.

Specifically, I’m interested in the conceptual foundations of cognitive science including notions of representation and computation and how these relate to the kinds of explanations offered by the cognitive sciences (e.g., see Colling & Roberts, 2009; Colling & Williamson, 2014; Williams & Colling, 2018).

I also have an interest in the statistical tools used in psychological science and cognitive science. Specifically, I am interested in notions of evidence and debates between the frequentists and Bayesians (see Lakens,…Colling,… et al, 2018; Colling & Szűcs, 2019).

Finally, I'm also interested in building tools to help psychological scientists. Some examples include tools that help psychological scientists to do reproducible research (see Crüwell,…Colling,… et al, 2023), and tools to improve their statistical practice (see Colling, 2022).