I primarily teach courses on R and statistics. All my course materials are available freely online.

Psychology as a Science

Psychology as a Science is the first year introductory research methods course at the University of Sussex.

Topics covered include:

  • Philosophy of science

  • Qualitative an quantitative methods

  • Open science, replicable, and reproducibility

  • Introduction to statistical models

  • Introduction to probability

The lecture slides and handouts are accessible here

Bayesian Statistics

ARM Bayesian Statistics is a Masters level course on Bayesian statistics. This course is primarily focused on understanding the foundations of Bayesian statistics and of Bayes factors.

This course is taught using the Bayesplay R Package. You can also read more about Bayesplay under software.

The course book is available here


ARM Matlab is a Masters level introductory course on Matlab. The aim of this course is to familiarise students with the basics of Matlab and PsychToolBox.

The course website is available here